Task 1

Who am I now?

Today is the 4th of July,  my birthday and I am sitting on the floor at a pavement in Haarlem,  a beautiful town close to Amsterdam. Early in the morning, I am still reflecting the sound of tonights conversation; I listen to the sound. I have a very special friend and she is moving my world.

I am feeling calm and greatful and cheerful, looking forward to this day!

I am in every moment, different and diverse.

I am a dreamer and for me it is all about relationships.

I am moving and I am painting with different colours my own picture of the world.

I am me and I am you, asking you for permission to see your world with my eyes.

I am like water, moving, transparent and shapeable, deep and low, I standing still and I bustling in the wind. My surface is reflecting the sun and I am the moon, silently shining with the world around me.

I shape my world and I am shaped by the world. I create my reality in the moment and I can only create it with other people, there is not my own one. I am passionate about people and I want to look them into the eyes. I love diversity and the new. I am passionate about travelling and living into different cultures in order to understand. I wish to understand people and culture.

I know about fear and I stand in it, going into the unknown. And I love the unknown, hitch- hiking I go with the flow, walking barefoot in my trust, finding my home in people and I love it. I trust in people and I stand, side on side, with them, finding the balance.

I am 23 years old now.

Thinking back, I remember that I went to Waldorf School in Germany and I was a curious young girl, attentively  listening and carefully playing,  shining with little sound…

then I wanted to make noise, I wanted to leave the books behind, I could not wait to sing my song into the world, writing the lyrics with words of the world.

I was searching for experience, adventure, the unknown, the difference; I was curious and ready to take risks to live a meaningful life!

I just chose to go to Mexico. I was living fully into the culture, learning the language, sharing an appartment with young Mexicans, going with them to work in a day centre for children who work on the streets of Guadalajara and hitch-hiking a lot through the country. I love exploring the streets and its different faces and I love to live into different cultures, discovering the world and knowing about all its different colours. I have a passion for travelling.

After Mexico I went to study psychology in Bremen, Germany, because of my will to learn more about people and society. And I was enjoying the year, getting to know university life, many new people and some information. But I was constantly searching…for something…restless I was running for something…the people, the subjects, the eyes around me, the view of the world that I could share:

I have discovered a miracle around me. There is this colourful and shining world waiting for me. The miracle is in the people and out there- everywhere.

I see the greatest potential in each of us and I imagine what can be created when we take care of it and bring it together. I imagine unity through diversity to move the world.

Finding the international Youth Initiative Program in Sweden (www.yip.se) YIP, suddenly there was an unknown opportunity and a strong feeling that it is worth it to change my life and take the risk; within three weeks I finished my year at university and I went to do YIP.

YIP moved my life and I connot tell yet HOW!

Right now I am a dancer.

As YIP has finished, I am on dance tour (from June 28 until July 28) with the World as a Garden on our Travel for Social Inspiration through Europe. We have created this performance together and we have a story that wants to be told; and I am a part of this story- I am social entrepreneur, I am a flower, I am a dancer, a neighbour and a friend.

On our travel we share our story through dance, conversation and interaction (www.worldasagarden.withtank.com).


HUB SummerSchool Amsterdam

The World as a Garden

And I am curious and I want to follow my heart. My heart says today: no unitversity after the dance tour, but a journey with space for real learning and life.

There is the unknown alluring with many different colours…and a beating heart.

Now, I am walking…my pass now…I am walking barefeet into this world.

And I am walking with many questions, living patiently into the answers…

My professional questions:

How can we create sustainable relationships?

How does a space look like that gives the opportunity create sustainable relationships? That enables people to listen to themselves, to each other and to their surroundings, recognize and use their qualities and talents, see the resources, respect each other, learn, live and create together what we decide to create- for a meaningful and harmonic development on our planet?

Which gifts do I have and which skills do I would like to develop in order to find my most beautiful piece in the puzzle?

Where is a space like that needed and who is going to create it together with me?

What are the processes?

How would it look like?

Can I host a space like this?

My dream:

I dream about everyone coming alive and creating a culture of diversity.

And thus my dream is to create a space. It is in the centre of a big city, it is self-sufficient, resilient and environmentally friendly. We have roof gardens, it is green and there are flowers and I can hear the noises of the city. There is good food and a café in order to host guests. It is a home of many different cultures, a home of learning, exchange and development, a place of meaning and celebration of life. I dream of finding these universe- cities everywhere in the world.

My challenge is to transform the dreamy art piece of a vision into a clear picture. I need to find my piece in the puzzle and to develope my skills. My challenge now after YIP is to stay true to my own values and purposes and find my personal way of learning in order to to realize the world I dream of already now. My challenge is to create the space for myself to let real learning happen, to find the people and the places in the world where I need to be.

My purpose:

Warriors without Weapons provides the very special opportunity for me to be in a space for real learning, meaning, exchange and working together. It is a unique way of international youths coming together and harnessing collective potential and give that as a gift to a community and to each other in order to grow, learn, create and celebrate, overcoming a challenge together- as I imagine it…

I was lucky to spend a week with Edgard Gouveia Jr. in YIP in Sweden which inspired and inflamed me a lot. I also fortunately experienced an Oasis Game in Kopenhagen during COP15 in december 2009 (siehe fotos) and I have been exploring the region of Acre in the brazilian Amazon rainforest (Acre) with the Oasis Game methodology in my backpack. I believe in this work and I want to learn more!

I see a world of abundance in which people can move the world together if they choose to.



My action:

Community Collaboration

During YIP we have co-created Sense Festival (15th-20th of June 2010). It was a learning festival with community collaboration in the mornings and Open Space in the afternoons, framed by a diverse cultural program.

I was passionate about asking the local community for their dreams and bringing people together in order to realize a dream during the mornings of community collaboration.

I was in conversation with the gardeners of the YIP grounds. They have many dreams and together we found spaces to work with during Sense Festival. I invited the participants to see the beauty of the place and to listen to the gardeners. Afterwards we worked with these spaces and the result was incredible. A compost place was cleared and prepared for improved use, a basement was cleaned and restored with shelves to become functional and it became more beautiful by paintings. And we cleaned and prepared the area behind the student house for hang- outs at the fire in the evenings.

It was not easy to host a collaboration process like that. I wanted to respect the place and its people` s dreams and also hold space to let collective creativity emerge. I had never hosted a space like that before. It was a challenge and the results were surprising 🙂

Community Collaboration

Community Collaboration

Johanna as a dancing warrior

I am a warrior because I get up every morning.

I got up early in the morning all year, in the sun and in the long and cold darkness in Sweden because I chose to and I walked my way to dance class because I wanted to.

It all started with streching and I didn`t know I could be dancing.

And suddenly there was dance- moves. Ediane, one of us, became my teacher. None of us had danced before. I saw a world in which it would be impossible for me to dance and to share it on stage; I am german, I am very tall with little strengh and little balance and I didn`t recognize my body as it deserves it, being a smoker for some years- dancing, I quit it.

And then I was moving- in the moment, discovering my arms and legs- In dance class I re-discovered the nature of my own body and the wisdom in it, I have found another part.

I touched many limits, overcame borders and grew- developing strengh, stoping thinking and stoping controling with my mind but going with the flow of the music and the group- rhythm of life. Trust in the next step although I don`t know, following intuition- wisdom is more than I know. I trust myself to do my dance, I trust to be able to lead, I trust to let others lead me and I trust myself to do right , taking the risk to be wrong. I don`t know where it goes and how I do it, but I go and I do it, step by step. And it hurts and its wrong and its fun and its right.

Does my teacher know? She knows and I know.

I know that she knows, I just know it. And she was telling me, showing me, with words and without words, again and again; I was wrong and wrong. She was teaching me, a lot, intense for a little while, until she knew that I know now. She is holding a space for me and in it I know how to develop on my own. I am in that space fighting without weapons.

I stand up, I dance, I walk and I fall, loosing my balance and there is no hand ,pulling me up again, carrying me when I fall. And I know it is me who gets up again, who can do it, who can decide how far I go, it is only my feet who carry me and I chose to stand up and then I am a warrior…then when I stand up and see the other warriors around me, in the colours of the rainbow, dancing with me, moving together- and we dance together.

Ediane is our sun and when it rains we appear as warriors in all colours of the rainbow. In the light of the sun we appear as flowers, grown from a seed of individual potential. We have different colours and our beauty is most when we are together.

We are the World as a Garden.

This picture for me symbolizes that each of us has a high potential to become what we want to become and that we can move the world when we come together with our diversity .

My commitment:

For me WWW is the opportunity to do what I crucially want to do, already in January 2011. I cannot tell yet what it would actually mean to me to become a part of the training and what I can do with my experience afterwards, but I know that it would move my life and I would go a different way, having had this special experience. I am sure that I will understand and know a lot afterwards and I am commited to share the inspiration and abilities that I have.


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