Task 5

Notes from our conversations and meetings about the workshop

The Workshop Week

The eight of us sit together…for hours……

Agreements                                                              Creativity                                                                     Conversations

Learning                                                      Laughter

Patience                                                  Commitment

Ediane, Silvia and me started brainstorming and imaginatively and creatively filling up the week with meaningful content, tools and games that we have experienced during YIP; then we found themes in this chaos in order to give it a minimal structure. Thus we created a draft with an overview over the week, which we brought into the big group.

Inspired by this draft, together with the whole group, we went back to the essential question of our purpose and intention for this workshop week:

We would like to share our dance experience and the essence of YIP with these young people, having a week of playful learning and inspiration how to move the world.

…Playing to move the world…

Our overall themes are:

Cooperation vs. competition                      economy               sustainability                           climate change

cultural diversity                                                 dance                              food            movement                                               society and community                                                   natural resources

Before every workshop day we have long conversations about the content of the day, about the principles of the space we are holding and about the hosting of the space.

We want the content to be meaningful but not to heavy and dry information…we want it to be playful and creative.

Through coorperative games, World Café, playful challenges, pictures, conversations and dance we want to create a real learning experience.

Schedule of the week (16 hours):

Wednesday 21th of July 2010: Creating Community

  • Welcome
  • Getting to know game
  • Circle and introduction “what brings you here?”
  • Who are we – visual and verbal presentation about YIP and The World as a Garden
  • World Café:
  1. What do you see in the world?
  2. What do you see that needs to be moved in the world?
  3. What do you see in the world that can be moved by youth?
  • Dance class
  • Closing circle

Thursday 22th of July 2010: Cooperation

  • Game (“what do we have in common?”)
  • Cooperative game “musical chairs” (cooperative and competitive versions in comparison) and debrief about real life
  • Presentation about cooperation in Kenya
  • Water challenge and harvest:
  1. What if there was not enough water in the world?
  2. What/ who should have priority?
  3. Who should take care of it?
  • Dance class

Friday 23th of July 2010: Awareness and Dream

  • Evolution game
  • “Home” movie and reflection with the question “What surprised you?”
  • Introduction of the power of Dream
  • Circle dance
  • Trust Game (lifting a person up)
  • Dance class

Monday 26th of July 2010:

  • Game
  • Dreaming exercise (questions as an interview) and sharing of 2. and 7. question in the circle
  1. If you knew you could not fail, what would you be doing for the healing of the world?
  2. In pursuing this vision what particular dream would you realize?
  3. What resources, inner and outer, do you now have that will help you to do that?
  4. Now, what resources, inner and outer, will you need to require?
  5. How might you stop yourself?
  6. How will you overcome these obstacles?
  7. What can you do in the next 24 hours, no matter how small the step, that will move you towards your inner vision?
  • Game
  • How would your dream house look like?
  • Dance class

Tuesday 27th of July 2010: Celebrating Communiy

  • Harvesting of the week in a movie
  • What are we going to present for the whole high school later?
  • Game Charades
  • Dance
  • Baracate
  • Circle and bring an object that represents “what does the week means to you?”
  • Presentation of the high school

In generall the participants of the workshop enjoyed the week very much. They had a lot of fun with the games and the dances and they found many of their interests in the broad content that we brought! From time to time some complained that it was too much talking but we also wanted to challenge them in not only playing…but finding a wholistic approach to work with.

The workhop was an incredible learning experience for me and as far as a I can tell for everyone else and I cannot tell yet how special this week has been for me. It is moving my world.. .These young people were so inspiring for me! All of them, the participants as much as “my” co-hosting team! It was challenging to host together with eight people and it was surprising how each of us found our individual tasks in harvesting, observing, giving creative ideas, hosting circles, conversations, games and dance class…The eight of us hosted one workshop together. I am impressed how well we worked together and for sure each of us learned a lot and we can learn so much more…. I am very grateful and proud of us and I would do it again and again…!

And here is the result- a harvesting video by Alex Gribble:

World as a Garden life

Hith- hiking from Stockholm – Malmö (Denmark) – Amsterdam – Berlin – Wangen (South Germany) – Amsterdam

The World as a Garden on tour:

Video impressions of The World as a Garden:

World as a Garden Performance by Alex Gribble

One ride after another. We had decided to mainly hitch- hike in order to be economically and environmentally friendly. But also there is something that I love so much about asking for rides:

I stand there with a rough direction in my head where I want to end up. But all I have in the moment is trust and openness to ask for help, to meet people and to accept any situation I will get further…I am in the unknown, there is some chaos and only one way: go and trust and go, don`t stop and do it….

Patience and sudden surprises…; on my way I find my courage and my energy in these people that I meet. I am amazed by the diversity of people, by their generous support, their stories, their curiosity and trust to share. These people of the world make me trust and walk on in humble gratification.

This is community, collaboration and inspiration for the future.

It took us seven cars to Malmö at the border to Denmark.

There we met with the other parts of our group…a van with our luggage and more hitching couples…

If you would have been at the beach, close to the huge bridge that connects Malmö and Copenhagen, you would have seen eleven people and a van, having a fire and celebrating a great day.

After having a very beautiful night at the beach in our sleeping bags, we were kissed awake by the bright, early morning sun of Sweden…

The third day all of us arrived at six o`clock in the morning, exhausted and happy.

We have managed some challenges: being stuck on the highway in the hot sun and picked up by the danish police to be dropped off in a train, driving hours in the van and supporting the hitchers, being stuck in the nowhere but finding the way to go on- and arrive safely in the end.

I am proud and glad to be in Amsterdam; and I am amazed by the beauty of life.

And I am exploring the World as a Garden.

This is my community around me.

My community is a special one and I see it.

We share the home of our fellow YIPpie Pieter`s family. It is a home to us, a space to work, a space to take care of and a space to life.

Thanks to Pieter, with my full heart! For being our manager, our mom, our technician, our host, our friend and he is dancing with us, dancing along the street and along life.

Another flower in our World as a Garden.

And I meet all these flowers along the way….everywhere…

I meet many nice people, about 30 cars, city trains, busses, bikes and my feet made my way through this month.

Carrotmob in Berlin

Hitch- Hiking

sleeping over night at the beach...

Dance Rehearsal on the streets in Berlin...

Conversation maping during the dance performance...

Workshop week planning

Baracate during the workshop

Dance class with Ediane during the workshop

World Café during the workshop

The World as a Garden Performance in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin and Wangen

Our travel is over now and I am back in Amsterdam…listening to where my heart calls me to go next…..


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