Task 3

Playing to Move the World during a workshop week in Wangen, Germany

My community is the world; it is the people around me, moving with the world. During the month of July 2010 the people around me are a group of young people from the international Youth Initiative Program in Sweden, that has created a dance performance together and is traveling to different places in Europe, sharing the “World as a Garden”.

The “World as a Garden” tells our story through dance and it opens a conversation with the world. I don`t want this conversation to happen only in the theater- on stage with the audience- I would like it to happen in between and wherever we are; hitch-hiking, staying in friends` houses, conversations and dancing in the streets, talking, finding our food, laughing, moving, dancing….

There are all these people out there, having their story to tell, and I want to create our common story.

What is their reality, what are their questions and what are their dreams…?

From the 17th until the 29th of July the eight of us are staying in Wangen, a small town in Southern Germany and we have something in common: We are here to perform the World as a Garden and we are hosting a workshop of 16 hours , during 5 days, in the Waldorf School Wangen.

The participants of the workshop are between 15 and 17 years old and all together we are 29 people hosting and participating.

My intention is to meet young people and to create a space together:

…a space of freedom and creation…

…a space of learning, exchange, inspiration, experience, sharing and creating community- creating one reality together.

I see this week as an opportunity to playfully create awareness of ourselves and the world that can lead into action.

It should be meaningful, but moving and playful as opposed to serious; this could make a difference. And we, coming from YIP, could practice what we have learned.

This is me in a group of eight. And my plan is to find our common intention and to co-create the hosting of this week, having the tools in our backpacks that we all have learned during YIP.

We need to talk and just do it…….

…playing to move the world…


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