Task 2

My trash:

I am in Berlin now, sitting in a friend`s appartment and we are sharing it with nine people.

Right now, the floor in the common room is completly covered by everyone sleeping and I just left the room; it is still early in the morning and I would like to write. Thus I am sitting in the kitchen on the floor, next to laundry, food and waste…  All of us consume uncertain amounts and we produce uncertain amounts of waste.  I cannot tell how much it is.

On our travel I am always a part of the whole, it is always WE but I hold my pieces… We are travelling together and I experience my own journey. We are a community and we are moving- changing every day.

During this week there has been a box in the kitchen, next to a huge plastic bag that normally absorbes everything except for bottles or very big waste. This box is collecting nine people`s waste  that does not rot or stink, during one week.

Since today the content of the box has expanded beyond the box itself, being filled by nine people:

This pile looks pretty inspiring to me! And it is still only in my mind what I can make from it…

This envelope has been made from our trash….

Ecological ice cream at a beach close to Amsterdam. I collect the paper and make flowers and a letter from it….

My excess:

What do I really need?

I have my backpack here, full of summer clothing, a sleeping bag and some cosmetics. A broken camera and my laptop. This is all I have got, apart from a few books and memories lying in a basement.

At the end of YIP I left a lot of stuff that I had collected during the year. It was a long winter; and I collected many memories from it and many winter clothes. Two weeks ago, I chose one warm jumper for next winter and I gave away all the other cloths that I do not need now. I do not need gum boots, winter boots, winter jacket, winter gloves, trainees, more than one towel, and more skirts. I left books behind, paintings, and small things that belong to the place where they came from.

I loved it to give it away; It makes me feel free to give the weight that I am carrying. For me it is difficult to keep things but I used to carry some things because I know I will need them again and again at some point.  Now it is gone and I enjoy to have what I use right now. In winter I will still somehow have what I need.

What do I want? I wanted to give it as much as I can,  knowing that it might be re-used by next years YIP students or other people and trusting that what I need will come anyway.

My consumption:

What I consume I order.

I start my day with fruits, joghurt, muesli, bread with cheese or Nutella- and a coffee with milk. The rest ot the day I eat many vetgetables, salad and rice, pasta or other crops or bread again. In between I eat more fruits or this week there was a lot of chocolate around. During our dance rehearsals I enjoy chocolate a lot. And in the evening, watching world cup I had one beer or Club-Mate.

Our table is set for nine people and each of us carrys the responsability to take care of what is being consumed. Being in a group, I order what I consume. I will buy what I eat and what I do not eat, finding a balance for all of us. I am convinced that my consumption is less when I share with my community and we eat and cook together.

By the end of this week my chocolate consumption has decreased a lot and this is all I would want to economize. I would rather be more aware of getting more local fruits and getting even more ecological or bio dynamic food.

Earlier this month, in a big supermarket there was rather old vetgetables that were still eatable. But knowing that they has declared it “waste” already, I explained our travel situation and I asked for permission to take the “waste” in order to use it instead of throwing it away. The responsable guy was not allowed to give it to me for free, he rather had to throw it away.

There are rules and a person carrying those rules safely in an heavy backpack

-but what if he could hold their rule in his own hands?


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