My journey of the moment

Today is the 28th of June and I am leaving and letting go of an incredible special time in my life! I have been a YIP student during the last ten months. YIP is the international Youth Initiative Program in Järna, Sweden- a training in Social Entrepreneurship.

I was learning and living with 37 fellow YIPpies from 15 different countries.

Space                                                                               real and true Learning

Diversity                                                                                                    Community



Life                                      Culture



I know what it means to let go; for me it is to love without conditions, it is to trust and say “yes” to life, to breath and walk, step by step in the beauty of the moment.

I said goodby and walked away. I was walking towards the main street with a smile on my face, excitement in my stomack and the thumb out in the air- We were hitch-hiking to a destination that I had never visited before:

Amsterdam, this is where I am right now.